D.D. Jackson

I am a two-time Emmy Award-winning composer, and Juno Award-winning jazz pianist and educator. As a composer, I specialize in writing, arranging, and producing memorable, custom-made music for t.v., film & other media. I consider myself an "artistic problem solver": I strive to get to the essential conceptual truth of what the client is looking for - and to express it in a creative and supportive way. [READ MORE] or [BIO]


D.D. Jackson - piano

John Geggie - bass

Jean Martin - drums

All compositions written, arranged and produced by D.D. Jackson

Produced by D.D. Jackson

On this recording, D.D. Jackson plays a Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano

Thank You's and Dedications:

"Many thanks to Jean and John for their great musicianship, the Canada Council Touring Office, Jim and everyone at Justin Time, Don (with "Gratitude"), my NY friends and all those who supported Peace-Song.

Thanks especially to my brothers Shaw and Charley for their constant input and support and to my father, Richard Jackson, who has always been there for me.

This album is dedicated with loving memory to my mother, Lillian Jackson." 

Liner Notes Excerpt(by Howard Mandel):

"Few instrumentalists can boast as bountiful a debut as Peace-Song, the 1995 multi-Juno nominated album heralding the pianistic presence of D.D. Jackson, an ebullient yet deep-digging virtuoso leading tenor sax star David Murray and a hand-in-glove rhythm team through intense, expansive improvisations on nine of his original, rather classically dramatic themes.

Fewer yet young artists are able to follow-up such stunning first recording bursts with second albums even more assertive and exploratory, as brimming with melody and irresistible grooves as Rhythm-Dance. But after a year in which he faced professional growth in counterpoint with personal loss, D.D. recorded eleven of his compositions, again with bassist John Geggie and drummer Jean Martin, in celebration of life on-going and commitment to all modalities of experience, success and adversity included. Rhythm-Dance it is!

"You have to keep going", D.D. emphasizes - as does the momentum of his music: exploding like a brawl in a barrelhouse on "DD Blues"; flaring into a flame of passion on "Nueva Canci?n"; swirling with, pushing strong against, finally tearing through the pocket of "No Boundaries" (in 11/4, no less!); roaming back and forth for fresh perspective on "Some Thoughts About You."

Where else does he go? Often employing a simple but effective organizing principle - "groove-oriented,..."